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SureSlim is a scientifically formulated weight loss program, based on nutrition, metabolic processes, and hormone regulation. SureSlim corrects your metabolism so you lose weight naturally.

The SureSlim program begins with a blood test at a professional pathology laboratory. SureSlim works with a medical doctor who screens your results. Your metabolic profile is then utilised to design a weight-loss program specifically for your goals and your lifestyle.

Absolutely. SureSlim is not a fad diet. There are no pills, injections, hypnosis sessions, shakes, or expensive pre-packaged foods; no calculating calories or guesswork, no starving yourself, no exercising excessively and no yo-yo effect. SureSlim is not magic. It’s nutritional science that really works, providing your body with healthy nutrients and a customised program that accommodates your activity levels and medical history. Your blood test also alerts us to any pre-existing medical conditions, such as diabetes or high cholesterol.

To begin with just contact us to set up a free 30-minute consultation at one of our clinics. You’ll learn how our weight loss program will work for you along with the kind of help and support you’ll receive throughout your journey.

Yes. You receive a personalised eating plan based on your blood test results, food preferences, and weight-loss goals. The plan SureSlim develops for you is specific to your body’s nutritional requirements.

No. Meal planning is based on fresh, nutritious foods such as are available at your local grocery store. SureSlim involves no pre-packaged meals whatsoever.

No. SureSlim’s Lifestyle program provides you with all the knowledge and guidelines you need to maintain a healthy weight.

Your eating plan is only one component of the weight loss program. SureSlim also provides private, one-on-one consultations. Your consultant acts as your own personal weight loss and wellness coach, providing encouragement and advice while monitoring your progress until you have reached your goal weight. Your SureSlim consultant will then introduce the Lifestyle Program to ensure you maintain a healthy weight.

Weight loss differs from person to person. In general, women tend to lose between 1 – 1.5kg and men 1.5 – 2kg a week*. This depends on how strictly you adhere to your Eating Plan. Some people lose more than this, especially during the first week on the program. We prefer to look at the monthly weight loss as factors such as a monthly menstrual cycle, water retention and exercise can affect your weight loss.

*Individual results may vary.

The SureSlim doctor analyzes your blood to look for medical conditions that contribute to obesity or health complications such as diabetes, high cholesterol, or thyroid conditions. Looking at your blood gives our physician a snapshot of your metabolism, allowing SureSlim to develop a customized eating plan based on your nutritional needs.

If SureSlim finds anything of concern in your test results we will recommend you discuss these with your physician immediately. SureSlim’s doctor is available to speak to your doctor about any issues arising from your blood test.

Your SureSlim plan is unique to you and is tailored to your goals and your lifestyle. Therefore, whether you’re a vegetarian, an athlete, are pregnant or have specific religious food requirements, your plan is always a reflection of your nutritional needs and choices.

No. This could be harmful to your health, as you may not be getting critical nutrients your body needs. You may also be unaware of a medical condition that could be complicated by an eating plan customized for someone else.

No. You may just experience fatigue or headaches in the first few days due to natural detoxification. If you’re a particularly active sportsperson, notify your SureSlim consultant and your eating plan may be adjusted to suit your activity level. Your SureSlim consultant will ask you about any potentially dangerous conditions that might affect dramatic weight loss, such as severe kidney problems or a recent heart condition. Clients with severely impaired health issues should always follow the SureSlim eating plan under supervision of their doctor.

SureSlim meals are nutritious, satisfying and indulgently good. It’s all about fresh, nutrient-rich foods from your grocery store prepared in creative ways.

Being overweight has traditionally been blamed on eating too much food, eating the wrong kinds of food and not exercising enough. But medical professionals are learning that many people may not be to blame for being overweight. In fact, no matter how hard some people try, they will not be able to lose weight. These people may have what is known as Metabolic Syndrome … read more.

Yes, most certainly. Some people who have eaten a Western diet for most of their lives could have gall stones by the age of 40. The dangers of obesity far outweigh the possibility of developing gallstones while losing weight.

Most certainly! Most cravings are carbohydrate related and are a result of over production of insulin in response to refined carbohydrate foods causing hypoglycaemia. By using low Glycemic Index foods we aim to reduce this over-production and even out those blood sugar swings.

No. You will still lose weight if we divide your meals into 5 a day, but the loss may be at a slower rate.

Fruit not only provides your body with fructose (fruit sugar) and fibre, it is also packed with nutrients. You should increase your vegetable portions if you are not having your fruit allowance. Ask your consultant to advise you accordingly

SureSlim’s Multivitamins and Multiminerals have been specifically formulated to use with your Eating Plan, making sure that your body gets all the necessary nutrients it needs without increasing your appetite. Off-the-shelf vitamins and minerals tend to stimulate your appetite. The SureSlim Multiminerals contain Chromium Picolonate which safely helps to regulate blood sugar levels and helps with cravings as well.

We realise that you cannot lock yourself up and refrain from being social. SureSlim has a specific Social Eating Plan. Ask your consultant to explain this to you. It will help you to manage your meals and not over-indulge.

This normally happens on the third or fourth day after you start on the Quick Loss Program and is only temporary. Your body is busy adjusting to your new way of eating to help it lose weight. It will pass as soon as your blood sugar levels have stabilized. Try drinking water and take things easy. A handful of pumpkin seeds and a cup of herbal tea or coffee should stabilise you. Sit down somewhere comfortable, enjoy the snack and try to stay positive.

If you are exercising you should be following the Sportspersons Program. You need to eat larger portions when exercising and should ask your consultant to explain how to adjust your eating plan according to your exercise level. Never do more than 45 minutes of exercise without adapting your food portions accordingly.

The fact that you have managed to lose weight and are at your goal weight means that your body is balanced and it will thrive even further on the Lifestyle Eating Plan. The Lifestyle Eating Plan allows you to introduce healthy alternatives to your meals. Most of our clients continue to lose weight on their Lifestyle Eating Plan. Ask your wellness consultant to give you the Lifestyle Plan when you are close to your goal weight. You may also use this Eating Plan when you go on holiday to help maintain your weight loss.

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