Dr Martin Denby

Dr Martin Denby

I would like to thank you for considering SureSlim to learn about our unique approach to weight loss and wellness and to find out why the SureSlim program is so successful.

I am the doctor for SureSlim New Zealand. I am a full time medical practitioner and have been working in full time medical practice for the past 12 years. I have a degree in Biochemistry & Nutrition and a special interest in preventative medicine and the treatment of obesity in particular.  My role involves assessing each client’s blood test and highlighting any abnormalities and also provides medical advice to clinics as required.

The SureSlim diet has been well researched and draws upon a number of different ideas about weight loss and nutrition. Low glycaemic index, low saturated fat, fruits, vegetables, olive oil and seeds are all incorporated to compile a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet. The diet does not count calories and does not use supplements or stimulants. It looks at the nutritional content of the food and is formulated to help clients see the value of eating healthy food. This is a lifestyle change which needs to be ongoing.

Each client is assessed with a blood test which helps when compiling an individualised diet. After I have screened the results, the SureSlim Programming Department formulate an individualised diet. The blood results, medical history, allergies and food likes and dislikes are all taken into account. Each week you attend a private consultation with one of our trained weight loss consultants. These consultations form an important part of your weight loss success. Through support, motivation and advice you can experience long term weight loss and health. Our consultant’s understand that weight loss is very personal – they are trained to listen, understand and then advise.

I believe you have taken an important step towards managing and maintaining your weight and future wellness.

Yours sincerely

Dr Martin Denby

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